White Water Rafting, Ash River, Clarens, Eastern Freestate, South Africa

Ahoy! Its been a few weeks since an update as we have been on the road for a while missioning like crazy. From Abseiling, Rock Climbing , Hiking and Horseback Riding in Hogsback Eastern Cape, to Zip Lines across the Tsitsa River gorge in the Transkei, we even hit Pretoria up for a party and picked up some ‘new’ yaks.

"diamonds on the soles of my shoes"

Pieter Rodda on lead"diamonds on the soles of my shoes" 19*** photo: Estie Botha

We have now finally arrived in Clarens a beautiful little ‘dorpie’  situated just 20 km from the stunning Golden Gate National Park in South Africa’s eastern Freestate region. Why the Freestate? some South Aricans may ask, as the general perception of the Free state amongst many South Africans is flat, dry and boring with not much else to do than “drink Brandewyn en coke en luister RSG” unless you’re a farmer of course. This is some what true in a general overview, but if you begin to explore the eastern part of the Freestate you will begin be proven to be very wrong and your perception will change quickly.

50m commercial abseil site, Clarens

50m Abseil site with the beautiful Horeb in the background. Photo: Lyndi Burger

So now for the third season in a row a something has pulled me back to the beauty, culture and adventure Clarens and the eastern Freestate beholds. “Die As Rivier”  located 15 minutes drive on the R45 outside of Clarens sources from the Katze Dam in the majestic mountain kingdom of Lesotho and forms part of the Lesotho Highlands Hydro-electric Water Scheme providing South Africa with desperately needed water, Lesotho with electricity and most important to me and a handful of kayakers and rafters, 365 days a year of some of the best one day white water rafting  South Africa has to offer.

Big Surprise

Michelle getting Munched at Big Surprise. Photo Julia Hash Brownie

The Ash as it is now more commonly known as,  has undoubtedly the cleanest most crystal clear water you can find.  At a chilly but bearable average temperature of 12 degrees Celsius the pristine waters of  The Ash provides rafters and kayakers alike with a unique adrenalin pumping experience with a perfect mix between adrenalin pumping white water action and chilling in nature.


Blommie working it in "the beast" at Breathalyzer Rapid. Photo:Julia Hashbrownie

So come paddle the Ash River and have an awesome trip whether you decide to bring your kayak along or hop in a raft you wont be disappointed. For more info or if you want to come paddle for fun give us a shout at brad.richardson01@gmail.com/michmoon@yahoo.com.

Happy Days and Safe Journeys and hope to see you on the river.



~ by adventuretravellers on November 18, 2010.

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  1. aweeeeee!!!
    love dis blog hey

  2. A stunning country we live in

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